Author: The Beloved Wild & Unleaving (Macmillan Children’s)

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We, Sarah & Jess are delighted to host author Melissa Ostrom on Day 14 of Advent with Authors 2020 here at our Advent Special Blog! Her young adult novels, The Beloved Wild & Unleaving are published by Macmillan Children’s.

Both her novels are available on, an online bookstore that supports local, independent bookstores. Links below.

Melissa's twitter handle: @melostrom


A magical moment.
The first time I held my daughter in my arms.

I fear...
The irreversible damage we're doing to the environment.

My best friend!
I have two: my husband and my sister.

My teenage crush.
Tommy Howell

My most lovable family member!
Both of my children are affectionate, but my younger one is especially so.

My pet(s)...
Mocha, our sweet spaniel.

When I feel down, I...
Bake cookies or read an old favorite novel.

My strength and weakness.
I'm pretty disciplined, which I think can be both good and bad. I get things done but can also be inflexible.

My dream!
There's an empty little hunting shack on the other side of our woods. I dream of turning it into a writing retreat for myself and other writers.

My regret.
Giving up the violin.

My inspiration!
Anne Shirley. I am a big Anne of Green Gables fan.

My hobby.

My crazy attempt.
I worked in the food industry after college to see if maybe I wanted to pursue the culinary arts. It was stressful. I wasn't cut out for it. 

If I can change one thing...
I never would have planted mint in my flowerbed. It's taken over.

If I can travel back in time...
I'd love to experience the Regency period. Balls! Sprig muslin gowns! Waltzes!

If I'm stuck in the Beast's castle...
I'd probably fall in love with the Beast, too. 

If I'm in the woods with the seven dwarfs...
I would teach them how to clean their own house and cook for themselves.

My favourite holiday destination!
Home. I love being home with my family during the holidays.

My favourite colour.

My favourite season.

My favourite food.
Probably apple pie. I frequently crave it.

My favourite flower.

My favourite animal/bird/insect.
Our dog Mocha.

A proverb I love.
Be nice or leave.

I love to collect...
Marble eggs, pretty glassware, Wallace Nutting artwork, cozy pajamas.

I long...
For less divisiveness and hatred and more love, compassion, acceptance, and cooperation.

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